RapidPure Pioneer Honored with 50 Campfires 2015 Gear of the Year Award

RapidPure purification reduces more contaminants than any other recreational filter. Another great feature is the weight. Coming in at less than two ounces, the RapidPure Pioneer is a great all around filter for camping and hiking. We’ve tried water purification systems here at 50 Campfires, and none have produced better tasting water more quickly than Pioneer.

- RapidPure Pioneer Honored with 50 Campfires 2015 Gear of the Year Award

Name Withheld for Security<br />USDOJ FAST Personnel RecoveryUSDOJ Uses RapidPure in Jungles of Columbia

A couple of my colleagues have recently returned from some training in the jungles of Colombia. They used the RapidPure and it worked wonderfully. I have also recently shown the RapidPure system we used to a few different Personnel Recovery Course classes and explained that the RapidPure UltraCeram Technology is likely the most versatile and capable purification system available anywhere. This is especially so because of RapidPure’s ability to remove waterborne viruses.

- Name Withheld for Security
USDOJ FAST Personnel Recovery

I have worked for Outward Bound, NOLS and currently work for Wilderness Therapy in Utah. I am an avid outdoor adventurer having experienced the backcountry in North, Central and South America. I am an outdoor professional that trusts and relies on RapidPure.

- Nate

RapidPure water bottles are fantastic. It’s great having fresh tasting water every time. Thanks a lot guys!

- Burt Woods, 20+ year professional hunting and fishing Guide

Went on a life time trip with my Dad fly-in fishing at Arrow Lake, Ontario. Didn’t have to worry about packing in water despite algae blooms in the area thanks to my RapidPure water bottle.

I struggle with migraines so it’s really important for me to stay well hydrated. The water tasted great and it was very easy to drink from unlike others I’ve used. Thanks for making a great trip even better!

- Dani Gardner

I just got off the phone with you regarding my order for two Scout Replacement elements. I hiked 520 miles of the Appalachian Trail this summer and was very happy with your product.

- Susan

The RapidPure Scout Hydration System is a great solution keeping my packs light. The filter cartridge is small and lightweight. I haven’t had any problems drinking dirty water while filtering it with the RapidPure Scout. I love it when I find a high mountain stream on a hot day. With the RapidPure Scout, I can enjoy a cold drink with little effort.

- Trudy, Outdoor Adventure Gals

I ordered the RapidPure Scout Hydration system for my husband and I for our trip to the Grand Canyon. I mentioned to you that 7 of us were going to run Rim to Rim to Rim in one day. We did it!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help and advice on the filtration system. The RapidPure system worked brilliantly and we had no problems!

- Gretchen

Review of the Explorer system – 5 stars out of 5!!!

Flows well, clean and clear. Tried it out on a pre-season overnight. Bag is tough and well constructed, cap seals were leak proof and seemed durable. Water flow is as advertised so quick I had to hustle to get bottles in line for filling.

Water was clean and clear but source water was a fast running clear Sierra stream so it was not an extreme test. You have to pay attention after cleaning the filter chamber — properly align and lock the halves.
I also applied an ultra-thin layer of petroleum jelly on the o-ring just to make assembly smooth and to protect it.

- Taylor Upton

DIY Trailblazer: Amazing Technology

Reading about the technology – this one gets viruses by attracting them to the filter fibers by an electrical charge – sheer genius. I tested mine with a hose and siphon setup as discussed on the web page. Flows fast and clean. I am amazed at the simplicity and have added one to my emergency preparedness / earthquake response kit. My plan is gathering surface water at a nearby lake and filtering so this fits the bill. With the virus filtering capability I wont have to worry if the lake has people bathing, wading or otherwise putting pressure on the resource after the disaster.

- Robert C

I’ve been using a 3.5″ filter in a DIY squeeze bag configuration, basically like the Sawyer Squeeze. It works great with your filter being a lot less fussy with regards to back flushing and such.

- Jim St. Cyr

I love this system. I got this unit when they first came out. As a professional fishing guide who does overnight camping with my clients, I can use water directly from the river for all my needs. I have filtered some very “suspect” water through this and it comes out crystal clear and tastes great. It is fast and easy to use. I added the filter extensions which makes filtering even faster. This eliminates the need to carry water with my limited drift boat space. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who does camping of any kind. Great job RapidPure!!

- Richard Bailey

Excellent, lightweight filter that removes VIRUSES!!!

Compared to other filters such as the Sawyer One squeeze filter, the RapidPure removes viruses and many organic compounds and has a FASTER flow rate–as much as 10 times faster! Rated at 6,000 gallons*, the smallest Scout model filters at a rate of 1.2 liters/minute using just gravity, and while not back flushable it can filter one gallon/day for 6,000 days, or over 16 years… (As with all filters, very dirty/silty water will clog the filter more quickly.) This filter is a big time winner and game changer!

- Cal 20 Sailor

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