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Universal Purifier


Innovation in SAFER, FASTER, EASIER Drinking Water

RapidPure is a best in class game changing innovation for camping, backpacking, traveling and emergency water purification. Traditional water filters reduce bacteria and protozoa but require additional treatment with chemicals or UV light against viruses. Chemicals and UV treatments require pre-filtering, have a limited shelf life and don't improve taste.

In a single fast and easy step RapidPure protects against bacteria, protozoa and viruses providing safe, clean, clear, great tasting water anywhere in the world.



UltraCeram’s media carries an electropositive charge, attracting water-borne contaminants which have a electronegative charge.


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RapidPure Purifiers Can Be Frozen!

RapidPure, with UltraCeram Technology, is 3rd party certified to maintain full efficacy – including virus protection – after initial freezing of the purifier when wet. RapidPure safely protects against bacteria and protozoa – even after multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
Traditional hollow fiber or membrane style filters never protect against viruses AND will not work safely if frozen after use.